Restructuring PNC PINACLE to better support learning and task execution
PINACLE is PNC Bank's corporate banking platform. As our MHCI Capstone project, we were responsible for providing a solution for the disproportionate amount of calls made to customer care relating to help and training.
Jan-Aug '19
UX Designer
The new Quick Help makes help documentation more accessible, and the Task manager eliminates page-switching to execute tasks. Additional supports surface in the form of correctional tool-tips which flag potential errors, and auto-generated tasks ("shortcuts"). The purpose of these tools is to expedite learning and task completion via safety rails and dynamic support.

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Identifying the problem
By talking to users and customer care reps, we learned that the high-risk environment adds a lot of pressure. So most calls are made out of anxiety, and because digging through help documentations and attending webinars is seen as time inefficient.
Classifying users
Based on user interviews and call data, we identified three main user groups. We built personas to help ground our solutions as we moved forward.
The "tech-savvy" accountant
The "old-school" higher-up
The average TMCC representative
Design explorations + user testing
I facilitated a paper prototype testing + co-design session at a PINACLE user conference to get a better sense of what sorts of interventions users would be comfortable with and what their expectations were. Moving forward, we also used to remotely test our iterations in addition to in-person user testing sessions.
Co-designing chatbot content test plan
One of our mid-fi iterations for
Underlying structure
User interaction data is collected in the ML-driven back-end. The system then analyzes this data, which then manifests its analyses back onto the platform as suggestions and other forms of work flow augmentation (e.g. correctional tooltips).
Final Designs
Quick Help delivers relevant snippets of help docs when needed, while Task Manager helps users get through their day
Clients don't always respond as fast as we'd like them to, nor do they answer all the questions we ask. Sometimes we've just got to make do, and sometimes we've just got to keep pushing for answers.

Also, shoutout to Nifflers, the dream team. We were able to quickly identify what our strengths and weaknesses were and capitalize on that knowledge to maximize team output. In the 8 months we spent together, we were able to curate a healthy "work" culture that led to equal distribution of work and honest communication.