A little more about me
I'm a product designer and systems thinker focused on helping users better allocate cognitive resources to optimize performance. I'm specifically passionate about building tools that streamline data dissemination and facilitate collaboration.

In my spare time I enjoy reading psych journals on bilingualism, self-perception and reward mechanisms. (Thanks NU for never disabling student accounts and giving me eternal access to academic journal archives.)

And I'm also your average third culture kid binge-watching food and crime documentaries at 2 am, reading Modern Love on NYT, shopping for pants that won't drag on the floor (5'3" woes), and drinking way too much coffee and eating way too much sugar for her own good #newdecadesameme.

Currently working on: Dokkaebier's website relaunch and a personal typographic series.

Get in touch! Would love to chat about anything design, tech, security, quarter life growing pains—you name it. You can book time on my calendar, reach me via email, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter.
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